The Company

Workspace IM was started in June of 2012 as an addition to OuttaCyTE Technologies, a provider of local managed services since 2000. OuttaCyTE Technologies was founded by Greg Julius, who wanted to apply his passion for computers and problem solving in ways to help clients be more successful in their businesses. He saw that too many business owners had trouble managing their computer and network infrastructure and therefore were plagued by equipment failures, viruses, and data loss.

As Internet connectivity became faster and more reliable, remote (often called cloud) computing became an economical option to his customers wanting robust reliability and security along with increased remote capability and lower upfront cost. OuttaCyTE founder Greg and three co-founders saw the opportunity to provide a more robust, hassle free and lower cost IT remote desktop infrastructure to small business.  With this idea,  WorkSpace IM was born and has earned rave reviews from current customers.  From this initial success, Workspace IM is expanding this lower cost, peace of mind service to help other small business owners.

Management Team


Greg Julius

WorkSpace IM Founder

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Greg Julius has been involved with computer systems since before the advent of the desktop computer in the 70’s. While in college, he was a member of the system staff working to maintain the large mainframe system and the point person for all Computer User Services (Instructors & Students). From there, he went to work for a large oil company and was responsible for system stability, modification, and maintenance. The high point during this time was as a select member of the Disaster Recovery methods and testing team. While there, the small desktop computer made its debut and Greg immediately saw the advantages of putting local computer power on the desktop. From the large oil company, Greg went independent and started his own computer consulting company in the early 90’s. Since that time, Greg has been advising his customers on how to accomplish their computer-oriented goals and fixing computers. In the guise of a small businessman helping other small businesses with their computer needs and frustrations, he became acutely aware that most small businesses have not a clue how to manage their computers and the realization that they should not have to. Because of this pair of understandings, Greg built his business delivering the missing computer expertise.  The advent of really good internet speeds enabled Greg to start his newest venture with three co-founders in 2012. Leveraging his deep expertise in managing systems and understanding the needs of small businesses and the availability of good high-speed internet service, WorkSpace IM was born. Greg is dedicated to providing stable computer services and outstanding service to his customers. 

David Marek

Senior Vice President of Information Technology

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Mr. Marek has more than 17 years of overall Information Technology and Healthcare Information experience in high level e-commerce, network information technology and systems development. He has a solid background in management of technical resources in all aspects of new software products and business development positions with an emphasis on technical startup companies. Mr. Marek has been responsible for the healthcare information technology of development, network operations, and technical support at ENS – Electronic Network Systems in 1997, and GHN Online in 2009. He had primary responsibility for the company’s planning, developing and prioritizing all programming, networking projects and Internet strategies. Under his leadership, Mr. Marek has been instrumental in the technology advances within ENS and GHN Online.  Prior to joining ENS, Mr. Marek worked at EDS, Data Force International, and Bendata Management Systems as Director of Software Development and Deployment. Mr. Marek holds a BS degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA with a concentration in Management from Amberton University.

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