Secure Remote Desktop

OuttaCyTE Technologies has been instrumental in upgrading and maintaining our IT infrastructure for a decade. We have transformed our systems from a homemade network of the duct tape and band aid variety to the current Cloud based system we utilize today.

Recently, WorkSpace IM’s cloud desktop system has been a significant boost in allowing for the business growth we are trying to achieve by allowing our increasingly mobile staff to access all of our files and computer programs from virtually any location.  

Furthermore, through WorkSpace IM’s efforts, our employees have much greater flexibility in dealing with young children and other family issues by allowing them to work part days at home while not losing any of the technological components we have acquired.

—John W. Littlefield, President, Southwest Engineers, Inc.

We make mobile infrastructure possible

The heart of WorkSpace IM’s service is the ability to access your business applications from any device, anywhere, anytime.  Whether you are at your office, your home, or on the road, all of your company’s data and services can be securely accessed by any device that can connect to the internet.  Our clients have accessed their services from an airliner at 30,000 feet and from horseback out in the boonies using their iPads and smart phones.  Truly Any Device, Any Time, Any Where.

No special hardware or software required

With WorkSpace IM managed IT services you can be up and running quickly, without the need to purchase new technology. There’s no need for you to build a complicated infrastructure. Your desktops are accessible from the standard Windows and Mac computers you have in your office today, regardless of their age, as well as your iPad and iPhone devices. Applications and new users, whether employees, temporary workers or outside vendors, can be added or de-activated quickly and easily. And for national and global organizations, you can add a new desktop for a user in your Paris, France, office just as quickly as adding a new desktop for someone who works in Paris, Texas.

WorkSpace IM Cloud Computer Services based on proven methodology

The proven methodology of WorkSpace IM Cloud Desktop Services ensures that we deliver fast, effective services to you. Our Cloud Computer Services offers the features and benefits below delivered to any endpoint devices for a fixed monthly user fee:

• Microsoft Windows 7/8 Style Desktop Operating Systems
• 20 GB Disk Space Per User.
• Document Storage and Company Drive File Share Disk Space
• RDP Connection Protocol Any Endpoint Device
• Daily Antivirus Scanning and Data Backup
• Customized Desktop Look and Feel
• Remote Help-Desk Capable
• Multi-Monitor Support
• Session Roaming Connectivity to Your WorkSpace IM From Anywhere
• User Controlled Desktop Settings
• Microsoft Office 2010 Standard
• Microsoft Outlook Exchange Mailbox with 3 GB
• User Support: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM CST
• Microsoft Software Updates/Patch Management
• 24/7 Technical Support Monitoring
• Migration Assistance/Consultation

Secure Remote Desktop

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